Concierge Companions a highly personalized, one-on-one elder companion service that contributes to the wellbeing of aging adults.

Concierge Companions embraces the language of life and human connection. We focus on care for elders in the cycle of life that is a culmination of intelligence and wisdom, but is often a lonely passage. Through experience, Concierge Companions understands the unspoken needs of our mothers and fathers, the trials of everyday living, in a world that is racing forward while they hold on to the past.


Concierge Companions offers support for Loving family members who are unable to personally tend to an aging parent because they live out of town or are engaged in their communities, careers and family commitments.


Seniors isolated at home and in senior care facilities.

Elders needing an advocate for their health care and with organizing their daily tasks.

Seniors wanting to have purpose and engagement with their community.


Professionals who are responsible for the welfare of elders and seek the quality of a full, but manageable life for aging clients.

Physicians, Estate Attorneys, Fiduciary, and Trust Officers.




Margaret Daley (805) 705-0026